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Associate Osteopath

DHSO has grown rapidly over the past 2.5 years and is looking for the final piece of the puzzle to complete our team of allied health professionals who, working closely together, will continue to provide exemplary service to the local and surrounding communities.

The ideal candidate would:
⭐️ Be friendly, caring, and professional with a sincere desire to help their patients achieve sustainable long term improvement.
⭐️ Be excited to treat a diverse range of clients using a range of techniques.
⭐️ Have a strong desire to utilise exercise rehabilitation & modifying lifestyle factors to educate & empower patients to be pro-active with their recovery.
⭐️ Be hard-working, organized, thorough, and work well in a team environment.
⭐️ Be keen to get involved with the local community sports teams sponsored by the clinic.

What you get:
✅ Spacious treatment room with all clinic products/supplies/equipment
✅ Reception & cleaning
✅ Access to a strength and conditioning gym.
✅ Cross referrals from other allied health practitioners
✅ Remuneration above award + bonuses
✅ Weekly tutes/mentoring/patient reviews
✅ CPD allowance ($1 for $1 up to $1000 per year)
✅ Marketing to get you busy quickly and keep you busy!

If you have any questions regarding the position, feel free to contact Mick on (03) 4420 4748 or 0423 225 885

Feel free to find out more about the clinic at


Listing closes 14/12/2023.

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Associate Osteopath