Osteo Talk Podcast

Osteo to osteo. A collection of clinical podcasts for osteopaths, with practising osteopaths discussing their expertise and experiences.

Osteopathy Australia's Osteo Talk clinical podcasts deliver clinically relevant education for osteopaths to learn, connect and collaborate. This podcast is a professional development resource that aims to provide osteopathically relevant content by drawing on the wealth of knowledge seen in practice, as well as experts in other disciplines.

Each episode explores real clinical issues through interviews and discussion with top practitioners in Australia and internationally. The aim is to inspire and be inspired by colleagues to help grow clinical knowledge among osteopaths to ensure better clinical practice.

The podcast is presented by Emily Bergman, a practising osteopath.

This podcast is available free via the Osteopathy Australia website and on the following channels:

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The content discussed in each episode is the opinion of the participants only and should not be used as medical advice.