Policy Statements & Practice Briefs

> COVID Vaccination Policy Statement

The Board of Osteopathy Australia has endorsed this policy statement regarding COVID vaccination in healthcare.  Osteopaths, as registered allied health practitioners, are university trained and required to continually update their expertise based on contemporary scientific evidence. Osteopaths work across primary health care, participate in broad public health initiatives, and take a holistic view of clients’ health needs, lifestyle and wellbeing. 

As part of the ongoing response to the pandemic, plus extended roles and growth of the profession, it is vital that Australia’s osteopaths play an important role by providing accurate, evidence-based information to clients and their communities, as well as participating in public health initiatives such as vaccination programs.

Vaccination Policy Statement 

Osteopathy Australia’s policy statement regarding vaccination for all health issues, including COVID-19, and Government information for both the public and health professionals regarding vaccinations.

Osteopathic Treatment for Babies, Infants and Young Children

Osteopathy Australia is responsible for identifying and recommending clinical best and risk reduction practice for the profession in tandem with other sector stakeholders. This statement outlines our position on the application of spinal manipulative techniques to children. For babies, infants and young children, manipulative techniques are not recommended due to limited evidential benefit, the vulnerability of growth centres and potential for injury risk.

Osteopaths, Children and the Wider Health Care System

Osteopaths are obliged to work with other health professionals and services seamlessly for the timely, appropriate and coordinated care of children and their caregivers under conventional musculoskeletal health management guidelines. This position statement outlines best practice expectations regarding working arrangements and clinical standards for osteopaths who work with children and their caregivers.

> Osteopathic Management of Babies with Orofacial Conditions- Health Stakeholder Briefing

Infant orofacial conditions such as tongue tie are complex and require interdisciplinary care. Osteopaths working with infants and their caregivers manage the neuromusculoskeletal implications of orofacial conditions for the neck, head, back and posture. This practice briefing for health stakeholders describes good practice in osteopathic management of orofacial conditions, other health professional groups osteopaths work with for management, and practice advice Osteopathy Australia offers its members working in the field to promote infant health and development. 

Osteopathy Scope of Practice

This statement is for health professionals, third party funders and policymakers. It gives an overview of osteopathic practice and its place within the Australian healthcare system.

Osteopathy Service Descriptors

The Osteopathy Service Descriptors discuss the types of consultations osteopaths may provide, and offers a rational basis for costing osteopathic healthcare.

Osteopathy Australia's position statements and practice briefs are prepared in regard to general circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the practitioner to have express regard to the particular circumstances of each case and the application of the statement or brief in each case. In particular, clinical management must always be responsive to the needs of individual health consumer, resources, and limitations unique to the clinics or type of practice. Position statements and practice briefs have been prepared having regard to the information available at the time of their preparation, and the practitioner should, therefore, consider any information, research or material which may have been published or become available subsequently. Each position statement or practice brief has a published date included.

While Osteopathy Australia endeavours to ensure that documents are as current as possible at the time of their preparation, it takes no responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or information or material which may have become available subsequently.

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