Aligning patient outcomes with practitioner development

Podcast on how osteopths can align patient outcomes with practitioner development.

We are joined by osteopath and educator Dr Grant Burrows. Grant graduated as an osteopath in 2000 and currently works in private practice in Geelong, Victoria. He developed a particular interest in functional movement and chronic pain which led him to extensive study overseas.

For this episode, we discuss aligning patient outcomes with practitioner development and the challenges the profession faces in achieving this. It is these challenges that inspired Grant to embark on a new journey with the development of ProMotion, a series of educational programs for osteopaths and practice leaders designed to help us create career momentum and a cohesive clinic culture.

This episode covers:

  • The concept behind ProMotion
  • Grant's career journey
  • Translating evidence and science into practice
  • The importance of establishing patient expectations
  • Changes in the osteopathic space in past decade
  • The concept of practitioner ‘squeeze’
  • Contemporary challenges and obstacles faced by osteopaths and practice leaders
  • Challenges faced by the osteopathic profession
  • Balancing the pursuit of research and evidence with our ability to utilise and integrate them into practice

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The content discussed in each episode is the opinion of the participants only and should not be used as medical advice.