Best practice guidelines for social media

Best practice guidelines for using social media. Dos and don'ts of how to interact online and stay compliant with AHPRA advertising guidelines.

Best practice social media guidelines

Social media has many benefits, not least building networks, bringing communities together, having relevant conversations with peers and other professions, as well as engaging with consumers. Social media channels should be a welcoming and safe space for conversation and to ensure that these interactions remain useful, respectful and legal, here are some basic best practice guidelines for members:

  • Follow AHPRA guidelines on social media at all times
  • Do not post or interact with online testimonials or reviews, regardless of patient consent
  • Be professional
  • Be respectful of others and their opinions
  • Stay on topic
  • Follow the community guidelines, standards, and policies of the platform you are using. TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn
  • Do not make personal attacks
  • Do not post content that is discriminatory, obscene, inflammatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane or abusive
  • Do not use inappropriate language, particularly swearing
  • Do not post or like/share anything that could be libellous or defamatory
  • Do not post repeatedly about issues that are off-topic (i.e. spam)
  • Do not breach any of the terms of any of the social media platforms themselves
  • Do not share your personal information
  • Do not share any personal information relating to patients
  • Do not bring the osteopathic profession into disrepute by having public sparring matches