Report: Cliniko launches 2022 allied health survey

Cliniko's 2022 allied health workforce survey. Find out more about how to take part, including results from the 2021 survey.

Health software developer Cliniko, an Osteopathy Australia partner, has launched its second allied health workforce survey. This survey asks allied health professionals about various aspects of their work, including:

  • The biggest challenges in their practice
  • How their work has changed since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Their preferences around the use of telehealth and in-person consultations
  • How they derive job satisfaction
  • How they feel about their salary and future work prospects
  • Perceptions of day-to-day business management challenges

Last year, 2654 allied health workers from around the world responded, which inspired Cliniko to make this an annual survey to gather insights from this workforce. If you would like to contribute and take part in the survey, click the button below.

Cliniko 2022 Allied Health Survey

Results of the 2021 survey

Part 1 results

Part 2 results