Submission: NSW SIRA early intervention standard

Osteopathy Australia's response to NSW SIRA's proposed early intervention standard

In 2022, NSW SIRA has been consulting with stakeholders about its plans to reform NSW state compensation schemes to improve:

  1. Measuring health outcomes and data quality
  2. Embedding evidence-based clinical practice to maximise recovery
  3. Streamlining administration and reducing payments leakage
  4. Providing education, advocacy and knowledge about value-based healthcare across all scheme participants. 

While supporting early intervention for optimal return to work outcomes, Osteopathy Australia's response to the NSW SIRA's new standard for Return to Work - Early Intervention (consultation draft, December 2021) raised some questions about the value of the draft new standard.  

See: Osteopathy Australia Submission 2022: NSW SIRA Return to Work Early Intervention Standard