Report: DSC webinar on the new NDIS Bill

The team attended a webinar with DSC on 'The New NDIS Bill: Getting Across the Detail' providing insights into the complexities of the new NDIS Bill 'Getting the NDIS back on track', highlighting concerns about its impact on participant autonomy and the need for clarity and collaboration in its implementation.

In the recent DSC webinar, experts delved into the intricacies of the new NDIS Bill Getting the NDIS back on track No. 1 Bill 2024 (the Bill), shedding light on its implications and challenges. Dr Darren O'Donovan of Latrobe Law School and the DSC's Chris Coombes emphasised the Bill's role in initiating NDIS reform, raising concerns about its potential to commodify community support. Discussions revolved around changes to the "reasonable and necessary" criteria, the structure of the NDIS 2.0 budget, and the importance of co-design and evaluation processes. Participants also voiced apprehensions regarding the Bill's impact on participant autonomy, highlighting the need for clarity and balance in its provisions. Overall, the webinar underscored the importance of collaborative approaches to ensure positive outcomes for NDIS participants amidst evolving reforms and challenges.

Attendees left the webinar with a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the NDIS Bill, recognising the crucial role of flexibility and participant empowerment in shaping its implementation. While concerns lingered regarding the potential erosion of participant autonomy and the need for clearer guidelines, there was a shared commitment to fostering a system that prioritises collaboration and accountability. As the NDIS continues to evolve, we remain vigilant, advocating for measures that uphold the principles of choice and control, inclusion and support for people living with disability.