Report: Rethink Reablement Webinar

The team attended a webinar on reablement in aged care.

The Rethink Reablement webinar highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to aged care, focusing on promoting independence and wellness in older adults. The webinar provided valuable insights for all professionals working within the aged care space, stressing the shift from traditional "doing for"to a more collaborative "doing with"approach to care. Notably, it highlighted the modifiability of aging decline, with 75% of ageing decline being reversible. Reablement programs were discussed as pivotal tools in increasing independence and wellness among older adults. Barriers such as time constraints and low expectations were addressed, offering strategies to overcome them and promote informed decision-making. Emphasising the holistic nature of care, the webinar urged practitioners to identify reablement opportunities within daily activities, fostering physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being. 

Valuable resources were shared to aid professionals in effectively adopting reablement principles, which align with the goal of enhancing health span and maintaining independence among our older populations.

You can find the resources shared below: