Welcome to Osteopathy Australia’s new-look member website

Launch of the new Osteopathy Australia member website in 2022, with new features and improved functionality for members.

Welcome to Osteopathy Australia’s new-look member website. With improved searching and quick access to member-only content, our aim was to build a modern website with new features and an all-round better user experience. 

Quicker, smarter access to CPD

We’ve listened to member feedback so we’ve taken the time and made particular effort to ensure quicker member access to our CPD resources, reducing the steps you need to take view, read and download member-only content. 

Member hub

We’ve created a member hub to provide easy access to your member services and benefits all in one place via your member dashboard, helping you to make the most of your membership. 

Latest member updates

Check out our latest member updates section - this is where we signpost new and important content on the website – whether that be news, policy updates or CPD resources – everything to keep you abreast of what is happening in the world of osteopathy both at home and abroad. 

Find an osteo

Our new Find an osteo profiles allow members to add more information, logos and photos to showcase your work and market their services – so make sure you go in and add/update your clinics, blurb and social media profiles. This is your personal member space to shout about all the great work you do. Don’t forget to tick the ‘appear in website search’ box to make sure you appear in the search results when people look for osteos in your area. 

Improved search

The Osteopathy Australia website includes a wealth of information, the new search facility gets you to the content that’s important for you. Our tagging and categorisation will also help you to find related content. 

Find out more and feedback

As always, feedback is important so we’d love to hear back from you – tell us what you think and what else we can do to make it even better! Email comms@osteopathy.org.au

Happy browsing!