Osteopathy Australia Editorial and Education Advisory Group

The Editorial and Education Advisory Group leads and supports the development of the editorial and education content for Osteopathy Australia's member magazine, Osteo Life, as well as our webinars, eLearning and educational program.

Toby Barker

Toby graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), UK, and gained experience working in a large and well-established osteopathic practice. He subsequently returned to the BSO and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Clinical Education, and then went on to work as a visiting lecturer on the Master of Advance Physiotherapy program at the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

After four years in practice and lecturing, he moved to Australia where he is currently working in a multidisciplinary practice in New South Wales. He has a particular interest in chronic and persistent pain and is passionate about using his teaching experience, as well as a patient-centred and evidence-informed approach, into the clinical environment in order to support the development of fellow clinicians and the profession.

Casey Beaumont

Casey has a drive and passion for learning and in collaborating and fine-tuning systems, processes and tools for learning for herself and within her clinic, Resilient Health, in Adelaide. She completed a bachelor of health science with three majors (physiology, pathology, neuroscience) before her osteopathic study and continues to read and learn across a broad range into her 11th year in our industry (@resilient_health_reads). She is the author of the book Osteo Mentor Tribe – a collective of over 100 osteopath mentors in a quick reference book. This book celebrates the uniqueness of osteopaths and highlights the importance of collaboration within the profession, and allows access to a broad range of mentors in the evolution of osteopathy.

Casey hopes that her role on this Advisory Group will assist Osteopathy Australia to develop tools and strategies to support clinic owners and sole practitioners alike in accessing learning relevant to their needs and looks forward to bringing her energy and love for learning to others in the profession.

Amy Lawton

Amy attended Victoria University where she completed a Bachelor and Master of Health Sciences in Osteopathy. She also holds a BSc majoring in physiology and neuroscience from Melbourne University. After graduating, Amy worked in multidisciplinary private practice in Melbourne’s north-west. As an osteopath, Amy values her role in primary health care with a focus on education to help patients fulfil their values and goals.

In 2016, Amy returned to Victoria University to complete her Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education and join the osteopathy academic team. Amy is passionate about combining industry experience with tertiary education to engage students and prepare them to be successful evidence-based practitioners in future clinical practice.

In her role on the Osteopathy Australia Editorial and Education Advisory Group, Amy aims to use her osteopathic and education knowledge and experience to help grow the profession and inspire osteopaths to be lifelong learners.

Melissa McDougall

Melissa McDougall is Director and Senior Osteopath at Growing Bones, and has been recently awarded the title Advanced Paediatric Osteopath by Osteopathy Australia. 

Melissa completed a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy in the UK in 2011, and established Growing Bones in 2013. Her experiences working with families over the past 11 years has lead to Melissa striving for three things for the profession:

  • Practical research, evidence-based practice and patient management for paediatric, pregnancy and post-natal presentations. 

  • The emergence of practical hands-on training in paediatrics for osteopaths in Australia to complement the extensive, high-quality online courses and information available.

  • Following the points above, improved understanding of osteopathy by other health professionals, and integration of osteopaths in ‘mainstream' medicine.

These are big dreams for the profession, but Melissa hopes being part of Osteopathy Australia’s Education and Advisory Committee will be the first step!

Adam Nicholson

Adam graduated in 2008 from Western Sydney University and established InTouch Health Co, a multidisciplinary clinic in Sydney. In clinical practice, Adam critiques and applies current evidence-based approaches while incorporating classical osteopathic literature. This enables a model of care that is truly whole-person focused.

Adam collaborates with a variety of healthcare practitioners, including dentists, midwives, women’s health physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and orthopaedic specialists. He is keen to bridge the communication gap between osteopathy and other professions to aid improved patient outcomes and enhance the profession of osteopathy.

Adam has an interest in rural and remote health and wants to enable better access to osteopathy in these communities.

Jade Scott

Jade is an experienced osteopath with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. She is a clinic owner, business consultant and mentor at Western Region Health.

Through a wealth of experience from her studies at Harvard Business School and Melbourne University, and the creation of GrowthRx, a worldwide allied health education platform, Jade aims to deliver the best in clinical leadership and postgraduate education. She was awarded the prestigious Alumni Award for Service Excellence at Victoria University for her work in mentoring and guiding the next generation of healthcare practitioners, and more recently was a finalist in the 2021 allied health awards for leadership and management excellence.

Jade is passionate about teaching and inspiring others. By joining the Editorial and Education Advisory Group, Jade would like to create more resources that encourage better education, collaboration and networking with General Practitioners and specialists and to continue to build respect among the wider allied health community.

Sally Tran

Sally obtained her osteopathic qualifications from Victoria University and has also completed research in Biomedicine at Monash. Her practice has led to collaborative work alongside renowned orthopaedic surgeons in India, university lecturing and community health promotion. Sally works with patients of all ages including pregnancy and paediatric populations and manages athletes of all performance levels across multiple sporting codes.

Sally will bring a unique educational perspective to the committee and help identify learning gaps within the profession for continual growth at tertiary and postgraduate levels.

Heath Williams

Since graduating from Victoria University in 2003 with a bachelor of clinical science and master’s in health science (osteopathy), Heath has had a varied career in the health and wellbeing space, including teaching roles in exercise rehabilitation, ergonomics and clinical education. Heath has worked extensively in the occupational health and safety industry, firstly with Health Response UK in London and now with Corporate Work Health Australia. He is experienced in the fields of office and vehicle ergonomics, tasks analysis, manual handling risk assessment training.

Heath is one of Osteopathy Australia's advanced occupational health osteopaths (vocational).

Heath is looking forward to providing Osteopathy Australia members and other key stakeholders education and communications content that will add to and further enhance our standing in the health community. 

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