Pregnancy and osteopathy a complete introduction

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Saturday, May 25, 2024
Saturday, May 25, 2024


Victoria University City Tower, Level 16 Room 10, 370 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne


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This comprehensive workshop, specially designed for 5th-year students, early career osteopaths, and those eager to expand their knowledge, is now open for registration as an in-person event, with spaces limited to just 30 places. Tailored to enrich your professional journey, it focuses on the nuanced needs of pregnant patients, offering you the opportunity to delve into an environment where you can refine your expertise. Commit to the highest standards of care and learn to navigate the complexities of pregnancy with informed precision and gentle support. Secure your spot today to ensure you're well-equipped to provide the best possible care.

Learning objectives

1. Mastering patient histories: Become adept at taking comprehensive patient histories, identifying critical red flags, and knowing exactly when to refer for specialist care.

2. Pelvic anatomy unveiled: Get to grips with the intricacies of pelvic anatomy and the terminology that brings pregnancy to life.

3. Decoding pregnancy conditions: Delve into the common challenges pregnant patients face, from pelvic girdle pain to low back agony, and understand their prevalence and prognosis.

  4. Embracing the biopsychosocial journey: Shed light on the psychological, social, and physical dynamics that shape your patients' experiences before and after birth.

  5. Pain and function management: Step up as a pivotal force in managing discomfort and enhancing musculoskeletal function during pregnancy.

  6. Exercise and support strategies: Learn the ins and outs of prescribing effective exercises, selecting supportive aids like belts and ergonomic pillows, and offering actionable tips to prevent discomfort.

  7. Treatment table tactics: Hone practical skills for managing your treatment space, ensuring every patient's comfort and safety.

  8. Osteopathic principles in action: Apply osteopathic principles creatively to design personalised, impactful treatment plans.

  9. Techniques for common conditions: Equip yourself with targeted osteopathic techniques to address the most prevalent conditions affecting pregnant patients.

  10. Collaborative care networks: Discover the art of working seamlessly with a network of healthcare professionals to surround your patient mutli-disciplinary support.


The presenters

Dr Daniela Aiello (Osteopath)

Dr Daniela Aiello, an osteopath since 2003, has dedicated her career to supporting pregnant women. Her expertise spans treating conditions like pubic symphysis dysfunction and lower back pain. Founder of Bulleen Osteopathy, she leads a team of skilled professionals, offering comprehensive care during and post-pregnancy. Daniela's passion for educating women on managing their bodies during pregnancy shines through her work, from practical advice to designing pregnancy and post-partum compression garments with Dr. Ash Bolton under their brand, continuall. Her contributions include the 2019 Osteopathic Awareness campaign and a 2021 publication in Osteopathy Australia, highlighting her commitment to women's health. Daniela's involvement with the Advisory Women’s Health group for Osteopathy Australia and as a guest lecturer at RMIT University further underscores her dedication to advancing osteopathic care for women.

Dr Ash Bolton (Osteopath)

Dr Ash Bolton, an osteopath with a keen focus on women's health, particularly in pregnancy and post-natal care, has made significant contributions to the field since completing her studies at Victoria University in 2014. Her journey includes working across Victoria and dedicating over seven years at Bulleen Osteopathy, where she has honed her skills in supporting pregnant and postnatal patients. Ash's commitment to professional development and her passion for empowering women have led to notable achievements, including co-authoring an influential article, and conducting a successful webinar on osteopathic care for pregnant patients, alongside colleague Daniela Aiello. Together, they launched continuall, a venture offering specialised support wear for pregnancy and post-partum, which received TGA approval in 2023 for their postpartum recovery compression tights. Ash's dedication extends to her collaborative work with Victoria University to ensure the efficacy of their products, exemplifying her commitment to enhancing women's health through osteopathy.

This one day workshop will be held at Victoria University City Tower, Level 16 Room 10, 370 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne. No catering provided. Please refer to our CPD Event General Terms and Conditions for booking conditions.

Limited to the first 30 registrants

Attendance will be recognised with 6.0 CPD hours

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