Beneath the surface - exploring fascia's role in pain

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Wednesday, May 15, 2024


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In this presentation, Jack will delve deep into the intricate world of fascia and its pivotal role in musculoskeletal pain. Fascia, often overlooked but profoundly influential, serves as more than just a connective tissue—it's a dynamic network interwoven with sensory nerves and prone to pathological changes. Through a comprehensive exploration of fascial anatomy, innervation, and pathological alterations, we uncover the mechanisms underlying musculoskeletal pain. By understanding how fascial dysfunction contributes to pain, manual therapists gain invaluable insights into enhancing their treatment approaches.

This presentation endeavours to bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering manual therapists to understand the contribution of the fascial system in musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the anatomical structure of fascia, including its composition and organization, to recognise its significance in musculoskeletal function and pain perception.
  2. Identify the innervation patterns of fascia and explain how sensory nerves within the fascial matrix contribute to the transmission and modulation of musculoskeletal pain signals.
  3. Analyse pathological changes in fascia associated with musculoskeletal pain conditions, including densifications, fibrosis, adhesions, and inflammation, to develop targeted manual therapy interventions for pain management and relief.
  4. Explore evidence-based strategies for integrating knowledge of fascial anatomy, innervation, and pathological changes into manual therapy approaches, facilitating more effective and personalised treatments for musculoskeletal pain management.

The Presenter

Jack Williams is a director at Melbourne Athletic Development, a leading sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne. Along with his degree in physiotherapy, Jack has completed a Masters of Exercise Science, three year yoga apprenticeship and is currently completing a three year training program in Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method). These broad skill-sets provide him with the tools to treat complex sports and musculoskeletal conditions. Jack is heavily involved in education, teaching into both the undergraduate and post-graduate courses at La Trobe University in addition to providing private professional development courses.

Attendance will be recognised with 1 CPD hour

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