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Myofascial Release Online Presented by Liz Howard

There is more and more research to support how osteopaths approach fascia in a holistic way, including patient education and specific rehabilitation which is quite different from how we approach muscular dysfunction. Liz Howard has translated this research into a simple protocol to assess for local and global fascial dysfunction and select the best treatment techniques and self-management for your individual patients. In partnership with Bower Bird CPD Liz has now further developed Myofascial Release into a brand new online version with even more content than her face-to-face course.

Myofascial Release Online features more than 40 videos of lectures, techniques, case studies and more. You will learn direct and indirect fascial techniques, treatment doses based on key clinical indicators, how often to treat the patient and how to estimate prognosis. This course is focused on musculoskeletal fascia and how to treat it efficiently.

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- Describe the embryology, clinical anatomy and physiology of connective tissue
- Recognise fascial dysfunction in the case history
- Integrate a quick fascial assessment into your postural screen
- Identify key symptoms and signs of myofascial restrictions and contributors to pain
- Formulate a holistic treatment plan based on the latest research
- Utilise the anterior fascial chain treatment protocol in your practice
- Identify when to use direct or indirect myofascial techniques
- Demonstrate individual patient education and self-management tools such as simple global exercises


Liz Howard has over 25 years of experience as an Osteopath and has worked at the Women’s Health & Research Institute of Australia for over 10 years. Her main focus is the holistic management of complex pelvic pain with the interdisciplinary team, working closely with Professor Thierry Vancaillie (Gynaecologist and Pain Medicine Specialist). In 2020 she was one of only five practitioners to be awarded the title of Advanced Pain Management Osteopath by Osteopathy Australia. Her roles include osteopathic care, pain education, clinical specialist in sacral neuromodulation and facilitating group education for pelvic pain. Liz was intimately involved in helping manage the women suffering from pelvic pain after mesh surgery for prolapse or incontinence at WHRIA and the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick. She has been involved in clinical research at WHRIA and in conjunction with the Royal Hospital for Women for many years, co-authoring numerous articles published in major journals. Liz's teaching experience ranges from lectures and technique in Undergraduate and Master’s Osteopathic programs (University of Western Sydney, Southern Cross University), clinical supervision of Osteopathic students (UWS, SCU, SportsMed Mumbai), Osteopathy Australia National Conference presentations, Pelvic Floor Seminars, GP education evenings, allied health events and her own face-to-face and online CPD in partnership with Bower Bird CPD.