Nerve Pain in Practice - Melbourne

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Sunday, September 15, 2024
Sunday, September 15, 2024


High Street Holistic

Nerve pain and sensitivity can present in many ways in primary practice and the symptoms can vary widely; from tingling, itching, burning, stinging, feeling tight, swollen, bigger, odd, sharp shooting, deep nagging ache, ants crawling and everything in between.

Nerve pain triggers are often complex and multifactorial, and neural tissue involvement can be subtle in the early days, often mimicking or co-existing with simple mechanical pain. As primary healthcare practitioners, it is important to recognize and manage any neural component to your patients’ pain early to support their recovery and help prevent ongoing pain and disability.

In Nerve Pain in Practice Liz Howard has translated a vast body of research into an osteopathic evidence-informed approach to assessing and treating the neuro-endocrine-immune system. She utilises the current evidence from pain science, fascial research, neurodynamics and clinical trials to support traditional osteopathic treatment models.

Apply your palpation skills and manual therapy techniques for fascia (connective tissue) to the peripheral nervous system. Liz will guide you in this rewarding area of practice via efficient, ergonomic, and safe techniques in young, older and the most sensitive and fragile patients.

The course will feature pre-learning videos and face-to-face learning to cover;

  • Early symptoms,
  • Developmental and other risk factors,
  • How to assess and effectively manage nerve pain,
  • Osteopathic manual therapy techniques,
  • Treatment planning,
  • Self-management,
  • Brief overview of conservative and interventional options for treating nerve pain

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