Pain and Pregnancy - Sydney

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Sunday, October 27, 2024
Sunday, October 27, 2024


Adina Apartment Hotel

Liz Howard is Australia’s leading Osteopath with experience in treating the pelvis. Working closely with Pain Physician and Gynaecologist Prof Thierry Vancaillie at the Women’s Health & Research Institute of Australia Liz sees the consequences of difficult births, pregnancies and prolonged labour every day. With the right approach, great clinical results can be achieved for many complex presentations and Liz is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience in this area.

In Pain & Pregnancy, you’ll learn how to best assist patients prepare for birth as well as post-partum covering topics such as prolapse, diastasis recti, preventing nerve pain, pelvic girdle pain, post-cesarean care, breastfeeding ergonomics, and more.

Treatment models, and direct and indirect techniques demonstrated are based on the latest clinical guidelines for reducing pelvic floor delivery trauma, managing pelvic girdle pain, and the prevention of post-partum complications in the short and long term. You will learn useful self-management tips that patients can utilize during pregnancy, in birth-planning and the post-partum period.

Learning Objectives

  • Assessment protocols for common complaints during pregnancy including diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain;
  • Treatment models for pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy, when a belt is indicated and postpartum rehabilitation;
  • Evidence based direct and indirect techniques based on the latest clinical guidelines;
  • Early detection of pelvic neuralgias via clinical history;
  • Reducing the risk of prolapse;
  • Principles of post-partum care including pelvic health, caesarean care, breastfeeding ergonomics;
  • Birth plan support with a focus on long-term maternal and child health (prolapse, nerve pain, pelvic organ function).

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