Posture - Does it really matter? The evidence.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Wednesday, October 25, 2023


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Ever wondered about the link between spinal posture and back pain? There is considerable, growing and sometimes toxic debate surrounding the relationship between the two. Larry Cohen a Sydney-based physiotherapist and recent PhD graduate with a special interest in complex spine pathology and spine deformity will go through the current advances in the evaluation, interpretation, and basic treatment of back pain and how this may, in some cases, be associated with spinal alignment. These advances, which do not discount the importance of psychosocial factors, are based on a method of spinal analysis developed by spine surgeons to plan spine surgery. They offer a novel lens through which to evaluate patient presentations, as well as the literature, to explain the relationship between biomechanics and structural pathology (eg. discogenic and facet-related pain) as well as the postural disturbance seen with aging.


In some patients, there may be a biomechanical relationship between posture and back pain and this affects patients across the age spectrum. This relationship will be explored using a method of spinal analysis developed by spine surgeons, over the last two decades, to plan and conduct their surgeries.  We aim to discuss how these spinal alignment principles can explain the presentation of pain in some patients as well as the gradually deteriorating posture seen in the ageing population and, within this population, how this relates to increased back pain, increased falls, and reduced quality of life.  The lecture will include a practical component on basic clinical methods of objective posture measurement as well as methods to improve health literacy and spine health in these populations. Additionally, attendees will be instructed on methods to conduct a scoliosis screening test, how to refer and interpret radiographic results of this test, and explore primary care knowledge of the management process for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

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