A consideration of red and yellow flags in paediatric osteopathy

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Presenter: Denise Cornall

The webinar presents some of the key issues that face the osteopath when determining best practice approach to ensure the health and safety of the paediatric patient. The complexities of clinical decision-making are explored, based on an understanding of a child's physical and mental wellbeing and development within a family and social context.

  • Defines the meaning of Red and Yellow Flags across key chronological ages from birth to puberty

  • Places Red and Yellow flags within a clinical context and in relation to common conditions that might present to the osteopath at different stages of development

  • Discusses the rationale (case history and examination findings) that provides diagnostic cues and leads to the identification of Red and Yellow flags

  • Encourages critical appraisal of the most appropriate response and osteopathic management in various clinical scenarios

Disclaimer: Content correct at the time of publication.