A framework and model to thrive as a clinician and shield against burnout

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Presenter: Brett Wiener

Presenting the new Osteopathy Australia, Caring For The Clinician framework and professional development platform for clinician well-being. Although several interventions have been proposed to address problems relating to clinician well-being, they have been aimed primarily at identifying and treating burnout or depression, rather than promoting clinician well-being. This emphasis on practitioner distress is analogous to the preoccupation with treating disease rather than promoting health.

Four Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand: The participant will be able to describe a validated subjective well-being model

  • Analyse: The participant will be able to categorise domains and factors of well-being which have been identified by the profession that impact their well-being as practitioners and in home life

  • Evaluate: The participant will be able to determine whether this suggested framework for clinician well-being is valuable to our profession moving forward

  • Create: The participant will be ready to begin thinking about self-designing a tailored journey through the Caring For The Clinician professional development program

About Brett:

Brett graduated from Victoria University in 2013 and is approaching the completion of his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at The University Of Melbourne. He demonstrates a wealth of knowledge in the science of what it means for individuals, groups and institutions to thrive. This is a result of a progressive accumulation of experience working in the health and wellness industry. Brett has had experience across domains including strength and conditioning, nutrition and osteopathic therapy. He is a proud husband, father and director at The Sports And Spinal Group who values authentic, high-quality connections with his colleagues, friends and family.

Brett strongly believes that if you don’t have the awareness, deep understanding and skills to put your oxygen mask on first in both your personal and work life, then your ability to help others is immediately diminished. With the approaching rapid growth in our profession, he believes that it is now time to entrench a model to understand better clinician well-being within the context of osteopathy and how that model can translate to practical, preventative strategies at both a systemic and individual level to prevent burnout and attrition from our profession in the future.

Disclaimer: Content correct at the time of publication.