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We are searching for a paediatric and perinatal osteopath to join our team at the new paediatric hub in Doreen, VIC.

The successful applicant will value:

- Opportunity to further their skills at a niche paediatric focused clinic, with around three quarters of our new patients being infants

- An empathetic and supportive approach when working with this unique demographic and their families

- Commitment to continuing education, by working towards or having obtained advanced practice recognition in paediatrics

- Multidisciplinary care and working alongside paediatric physiotherapists and music/ art therapists, with more services to be joining soon

- Motivation to build their patient base through interpersonal and professional relationships - Confidence to work independently

- Flexible work arrangements

Send your CV and cover letter to to apply, or contact Emily on 0499527759 for more information.


Lisitng closes 08/10/2023.

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