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For any media enquiries, interviews with osteopaths or to get further information, please contact Osteopathy Australia on (02) 9410 0099 or email We welcome media enquiries and are always willing to provide comments, statements and tips when osteopathy can be of clinical or professional value. 

Media Releases

25 July 2022: Allied healthcare key to managing chronic pain

  • One in four Australians are living with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as back problems and arthritis
  • Arthritis is the second-most common long-term condition affecting over two million people
  • New research finds one in five people believe arthritis can only be treated with medication
  • This Pain Awareness Week (25 - 31 July), Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to learn more about the options available to manage pain relating to musculoskeletal conditions

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18 April 2022: Working from home a real pain for Aussies

New research reveals two-thirds of those who work from home still do not have a dedicated, ergonomic home office space

A quarter of Aussies are in more pain as a result of working from home, with a fifth only seeking help once they are unable to move

This Osteopathic Healthcare Week (18 - 24 April), Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to Set-up, Stand-up and Seek help to live a life without pain

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3 May 2021: Australians urged to move more to manage pain

New research reveals Australians are letting pain impact their daily life before seeking support from an allied health professional.

Despite referrals to pain experts occurring in less than 15% of GP consultations, two in three over 45s and one in two under 45s are reaching for medication to manage pain.

This Osteopathic Healthcare Week (2nd – 8th May), Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to ‘Move Better with Osteopathy’.

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21 July 2020: Osteopathy Australia to launch mentoring project in August

Osteopathy Australia has commenced a multi-stage project which seeks to address, the long-held desire expressed in the profession for a mentoring structure that osteopaths can trust. In the first phase of the project, through consultation with a range of stakeholders, Osteopathy Australia will be developing an educational resource whereby clinics and clinicians will be able to upskill and run effective mentoring for new graduates, early career osteopaths and osteopaths looking for professional or personal development. Once osteopaths successfully complete the mentoring educational pathway, they will be recognised as an accredited mentor.

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1 October 2019: Osteopathy Australia to launch new courses

Osteopathy Australia is launching a new e-learning portal on Monday, 21 October, with specially designed up-to-date courses written by some of the top people in allied health. Seven topic areas will be launched initially, with many more to be offered in the future.

“Osteopathy is one of the fastest growing health professions in Australia, and we want to ensure practitioners keep that extra edge to thrive for their entire careers,” said Peter Tzanis, who manages Education at Osteopathy Australia.

The courses will be accessible through and include Pain Management, Caring for the Clinician, Critical Appraisal of Research, Prevalent Sports Injuries and Exercise Rehabilitation.

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22 July 2019: The life impact of chronic pain 

Whilst invisible, pain is very real for the 6.9 million Australians living with musculoskeletal conditions. Whilst debilitating, the reality is that without pain management, a third (34%) of Australians who are impacted by chronic pain, will develop mental health conditions.

Musculoskeletal pain is the leading cause of disability for a third (28%) of Australians which leads to a feeling comparable to burning or tingling, leaving those living with pain unable to work, sleep or even walk.

In support of National Pain Week, Osteopath and Pain Educator, Dr Elizabeth Howard talks about the impacts of pain on the whole body.

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14 April 2019: Active pain management winning over Australians

Pain associated with the musculoskeletal system impacts one in three Australians, and while chronic pain is the most common reason that people seek medical help, it remains one of the most misunderstood areas of healthcare.

Chronic pain can disrupt the quality of life and become debilitating. A third of patients who experience chronic pain (31%) will experience higher levels of psychological distress, one in five (20%) will suffer from depression and the probability of early retirement because of pain-related disability increases by 40%.

Osteopath and Osteopathy Australia member, Dr Michelle Funder says, “Chronic pain can affect people of all ages, races and genders and one in five GP consultations involves a patient suffering from chronic pain.

By looking at the underlying causes of chronic pain along with individual lifestyle factors, Osteopaths can create a personalised and holistic treatment plan. During Osteopathy Awareness Week (14–20 April), Osteopathy Australia is encouraging Australians to seek relief by opting for non-medicated treatments and to #GiveOsteoAGo.

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7 March 2019: Osteopathy is on the rise

Osteopathy is now ranked as one of the fastest growing healthcare professions in Australia, and it is not slowing down any time soon - why would it?

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) statistics show that in 2017-18, the osteopathy profession grew by 7.1%. The profession now generates over $300 million for Australia’s economy every year and treats over 300,000 Australians a month. It is clear that osteopathy is on the rise.

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