External grant opportunities

In addition to applying for grants run by Osteopathy Australia, researchers should consider applying for research funding external to the organisation. The following organisations commonly offer funding opportunities for medical/health research:

Australian Government Grant Connect

NHMRC – National Health and Medical Research Council

ARC – Australian Research Council

Medical Research Future Fund

Medical Research NSW

Health Victoria


Western Australia Department of Health

HCF Research Foundation

BUPA Health Foundation

Blackmores Institute

Ian Potter Foundation

The following information and funding opportunities may be of use for R&D ventures:

Health.Gov Medical Research Commercialisation Initiative

Business.Gov Accelerating Commercialisation

NHMRC Development Grants

Business.Gov Research and Development Tax Incentive

Registered Research Service Providers (RSP) (e.g., universities) can be used to gain access expertise, resources, and the capability to conduct your R&D activities. In addition to utilizing their services, you can also consider collaborating with an RSP who may be able to provide specific staff, knowledge, or infrastructure for your R&D activities. A list of registered RSPs can be found on the Australian Government Business website.

For research-related queries and assistance, please contact our Senior Research and Project Officer on (02) 9410 0099 or seaves@osteopathy.org.au