Research Strategy

Key Strategic Goals for 2019-2021


Be the proactive voice of osteopathy by advocating for practice rights and consumer choice in Australia, particularly:

  • Private health insurance and rebate equity.
  • State and federal governments and their funded schemes.
  • Use our influence to engage with osteopaths, regulators, accreditors, educators and researchers both nationally and internationally.
  • Continue to invest in innovative leadership development to strengthen our voice.
  • Comment on diverse societal issues related to osteopathy and broader health and wellbeing.


Ensure the current and potential osteopathic scope of practice is recognised by:

  • Governments and their funding schemes.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Peak health bodies and professional groups.
  • International osteopathic organisations.

Community Value

Be the voice that builds community awareness and trust in osteopathy.

  • Promote and educate consumers on the benefit of osteopathy for health and wellbeing.
  • Educate stakeholders on osteopathic competencies.
  • Use multiple channels (e.g. traditional media, social media, pop culture) to increase our reach.
  • Foster ambassadors to promote and build awareness of the positive role of osteopathy in the community.
  • Strengthen our capacity to promote osteopathy and educate members on promotion whilst maintaining compliance with advertising legislation.
  • Promote equity and social inclusion by advocating access to health services in equity priority. populations such as disability, indigenous, refugee and low socio-economic status.

Evidence-Informed Practice

Evidence-informed practice and engagement with research is the hallmark of modern osteopathy. 

  • Promote Osteopathy Australia research strategy.
  • Fund clinical research and research leadership.
  • Ensure continued engagement in research opportunities, including ORION.
  • Raise awareness among consumers, health practitioners and osteopaths on research that builds the osteopathic evidence base.
  • Promote the effective use of current research to develop modern practice and influence changes within education and training if needed.
  • Educate members on critical appraisal of research.
  • Use international alliances to source and promote global research on osteopathy.

Clinical Excellence

Be the hub of knowledge to assist osteopaths work, grow and promote current best practice.

  • Develop high-quality, affordable, accessible continuing professional development (CPD) for members through e-learning to support every day, extended and advanced practice.
  • Offer ‘lifelong’ learning pathways via clinical practice groups for osteopaths, to build recognition of additional skills.
  • Through clinical practice groups and CPD facilitate collegiality within the profession.
  • Use our professional indemnity insurance partners to educate the profession on risk management and clinical safety.
  • Increase member support for clinical practice improvement.


Having the right number of osteopaths, in the right places, with the right skills, to provide quality services for the future.

  • Refine research to build an understanding of current and future workforce issues.
  • Advocate for geographical diversity in osteopathic education to foster better workforce distribution.
  • Work closely with educators and accreditors to ensure quality training and student. competencies are mapped for future workforce needs including health priorities.
  • Advocate to ensure regulatory recognition of skills and reduce legislative barriers restricting practice. 
  • Investigate resourcing and strategies to encourage practitioner movement to areas of need.

Sustainable Careers

Building sustainable and worthwhile careers and businesses

  • Provide support and resources for prosperous, healthy careers.
  • Promote practitioner well-being through support, training and mentoring.
  • Foster understanding of employment, contractor and business models for fair and sustainable industry growth.
  • Lobby to remove inequities under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010.
  • Promote the use of technology to improve business and practice.
  • Foster career development pathways.
  • Work with AOAC and the academic sector to promote quality clinical placement experiences across Australia

Member Services

Be the one-stop-shop for our members' needs

  • Continue to provide a suite of flexible and relevant member services with an attractive. pricing structure to meet the needs of a diverse profession.
  • Ensure the best mix of member services to engage, entice and retain members.
  • Review and optimise member benefits and increase access to resources and services.
  • Embrace technology and its application to member services.
  • Explore new membership and business development initiatives.
  • Deliver effective, targeted communications.


Be an innovative, efficient and cost-effective association to ensure sustainable support for a growing osteopathic industry.

  • Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in everything we do.
  • Ensure our IT infrastructure is appropriate.
  • Use best practice financial management systems.
  • Develop income diversification strategies.
  • Attract and retain the right people across governance, staff and volunteers.
  • Lead continual improvement of governance and management processes.


Osteopathy Australia Partners

We work with these complementary key organisations as an essential part
of providing high quality healthcare for Australians.

Guild Insurance
SA Worksafe
RMIT University
London College of Animal Osteopathy
TAS Workcover
Insurance Commission of WA
Worksafe ACT
Australasian College of Sport & Exercise Physicians
Better Pain Management
Health Workforce Australia
National Rural Health Alliance
NT Worksafe
QLD Worksafe
Brooks Shoes
Member Advantage
NSW Workcover
Victoria University
Serenity HLP by Regal sleep
Pain Australia
Wentworth Advantage
Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council
OPC Health
Associations Forum
Workcover WA
Arthritis Australia
VIC Worksafe