Research Committee


As a professional association, Osteopathy Australia is engaged in a diverse range of activities with an overarching goal to enhance and promote osteopathy, and research is a critical element of this.

The research areas included in our research priorities need to be equally broad and encompass clinical issues beyond technique or treatment efficacy.

Clear priorities in research for Osteopathy Australia will inform our research policy and all future funding. In doing so, this ensures the direction of research supported by us is consistent with the broader aims of Osteopathy Australia’s research strategy and supports the place of osteopathy in higher education and health care.

Osteopathy Australia's Research Committee advises the association on research policy and the development of strategies to promote research and scholarship in osteopathy. In addition, it has delegated responsibility for reviewing the scientific worth, validity and proposed methodology of research proposals.

The Research Committee recommends such research proposals to the Osteopathy Australia Board for consideration, and reports on its meetings and activities to the Board.


Donald Hunter (Chair) - Osteopath and Osteopathy Australia Board Member

Sandra Grace - Professor, School of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University

Amie Steel - Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney

Kathryn Refshauge - Professor of Allied Health (Strategic Partnerships), University of Sydney

Shamona Eaves - Osteopathy Australia Senior Research and Project Officer

Antony Nicholas - Osteopathy Australia Chief Executive Officer

Terms of Reference

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Conflict of Interest

All committee members, regardless of staff or director status, will be required to declare any conflict (real or perceived) to be declared prior to any participation in each individual meeting. The committee will then record any conflict and the action they have undertaken.