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Report: Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy 2024 -2029

The Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) released the Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy 2024-2029 to outline how they will work with partners and the aged care sector for better collaboration through data and digital innovation.

Submission: Fall Prevention Guidelines

We recently made a submission to the open consultation on the Fall Prevention Guidelines. Our feedback ensured that osteopathy is recognised as a key part of the musculoskeletal allied health multidisciplinary team.

Report: new Aged Care Act consultation summary report

This report summarises key consultation themes to follow from the new Aged Care Act summary report. We are deeply disappointed that our feedback to the recent open consultation has been overlooked by the Department of Health and Aged Care.

The revised Aged Care Quality Standards

The current Aged Care Quality Standards (current Standards) were introduced on 1 July 2019. In response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) has reviewed the current Standards and developed the draft strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards (strengthened Quality Standards). The strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards will replace the current Standards.

Submission: Fall Guideline Recommendations and Good Practice Points (the guidelines).

In this submission, we focus on ensuring that allied health professionals, particularly osteopaths, are considered as part of the broader fall prevention team. This includes the suggestion to remove the reference to individual professions that may assist in fall prevention strategies and create an overarching inclusive statement involving all musculoskeletal allied health professionals.

Submission: Unleashing the Potential of Our Health Workforce – Scope of Practice Review Issues Paper 1 (Issues Paper 1).

In this submission, we focus on how the Scope of Practice Review should aim to achieve affordable and universal access to best-practice health services and value for the consumer and health system. Osteopathy Australia advocates for every Australian to have access to high-quality healthcare and support, regardless of where they live. Australians also deserve to have access to funded osteopathy. This will drive better health outcomes, improve the utilisation of our healthcare resources, and help overcome the inefficiencies in primary care. There is a significant opportunity within osteopathy to leverage existing skillsets and scope of practice to address system inefficiencies and reduce the burden on other health practitioners.