About Osteopathy Australia

Osteopathy Australia is the peak body representing the interests of osteopaths, osteopathy as a profession and consumer rights to access osteopathic services. 

Osteopathy Australia was founded as a Victorian state-based organisation in 1955 and became the national body in 1991 after a merger of state-based osteopathic associations. Today, Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths in every state and territory across Australia.

The association works to raise awareness of osteopathy, through lobbying, policy development and improving clinical quality. It focuses on supporting osteopaths throughout their careers from students to experienced practitioners by providing membership services such as:

  • Information, advice and support
  • Clinical excellence and business guidelines and resources
  • Continuing professional development

Osteopathy Australia – what we do and how we do it

  • Our vision: Osteopathy is a valued and visible part of primary healthcare in Australia.

    Our purpose: Advancing osteopathy to support best practice and innovative care to enhance the health of all Australians.

  • Integrity. We act in osteopaths’ best interests, offering clear and honest advice, and reliable and consistent support for our members and their needs.

    Openness. We promote trust through transparent, open and consistent action and advice.

    Distinction. Through leadership and service excellence, we strive to develop and advance a dynamic and progressive profession, whose distinct and unique clinical philosophy is known and benefits the community.

    Belonging. We work as an osteopathic community, committed to creating an inclusive environment offering a respectful diversity of opinions. We are resilient, robust and empowering to each other and our community.

  • Osteopathy Australia liaises with state and federal governments, statutory bodies regarding professional, educational, legislative and regulatory issues, as well as primary healthcare practice. We work closely with the Osteopathy Board of Australia (the national registration board), the Australian and New Zealand Osteopathic Council (the university accreditor and assessor of overseas osteopaths), and other professional health bodies or associations through our collaborative work with Allied Health Professions Australia.

    Our role is to increase awareness of osteopathy and what osteopaths do. Osteopathy Australia has developed a strategic plan to steer its direction over the next few years. The plan is strongly focused on providing opportunities for members through professional excellence and career success.

  • Osteopathy Australia represents the vast majority of osteopaths in Australia. Osteopathy Australia members are committed to continuing professional education (CPD) and we require all members to comply with our standards. Osteopathy Australia signifies a standard of professional and ethical behaviour over and above the requirements of registration.

    Osteopathy involves the clinical care of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, which is made up of the bones, muscles, nerves, and other tissues that support the body and control its movements. Osteopaths are university-qualified, government-registered, allied health professionals who take the time to listen and treat patients by taking a whole-person approach.

    Osteopathy has been practised in Australia for over 100 years.

  • Osteopathy Australia was formed over 65 years ago. Its constitution reflects modern corporate governance and best practice. The current constitution was passed at the Annual General Meeting of the membership and continues to be continually updated, as required. Nationally, Osteopathy Australia represents the vast majority of osteopaths in Australia.

    The association's corporate structure is a company limited by guarantee. Management of the association is overseen by Osteopathy Australia's Board, comprising practising osteopaths and other skills-appointed Directors.

    Full consitution

  • Osteopathy Australia rolling strategic plan involves continuous evaluation of priorities and progress, while simultaneously taking account of uncertainty in our changing environment, needs and opportunities. It is the result of extensive consultation with the membership and the Board of Directors. This plan is reviewed annually.

    Strategic Plan 2022-2023

  • As the peak body representing the interests of osteopaths in Australia, Osteopathy Australia works with a number of external stakeholders, including other professional and allied health boards and associations, academic partners, funding bodies, and various state- and territory-based organisations.

  • Osteopathy Australia welcomes active participation in our wide-ranging committees and advisory groups. We are fortunate to have experienced clinicians and profession leaders share their knowledge in discussions and projects, volunteering their time to grow awareness of osteopathy in Australia and around the world. 

    Early Career Osteopath Advisory Group

    Editorial and Education Advisory Group

    New Course Committee

    Research Committee

    Women's Health Clinical Advisory Group