Exercise-Based Rehabilitation Advanced and Extended Practice Recognition

In order to be classified as a 'Exercise Rehabilitation Osteopath' you will need to show extensive knowledge in all areas of exercise rehabilitation.

An Osteopathy Australia titled ‘Exercise Rehabilitation Osteopath’ is an osteopath who can demonstrate long-term commitment to sustained practice in exercise based rehabilitation through continued educational obtainment and in clinical practice.

They will possess extensive knowledge in all areas of exercise rehabilitation including but not limited to:

  • functional testing and patient specific exercise prescription,
  • safe and effective exercise programming and progressions,
  • post-surgical (orthopaedic) protocols and patient requirements,
  • the management of complex cases including motor vehicle and workplace accidents.

They understand all stages of the rehabilitative pathway and can collaborate as necessary with medical professionals to provide the best possible outcomes for recovery and rehabilitation. Titled Osteopaths have completed extensive further study in their field and have been independently assessed to meet the required standard.

For a comprehensive list of expected knowledge, capabilities, and skills that an Advanced Exercised Based Rehabilitation Osteopath will hold, please see the Quality Practice Framework.

Advanced Practice Application Process

Extended Practice Application Process

Recredentialing Process