Sports Advanced and Extended Practice Recognition

Find out how you can become a recognised sports management osteopath.

An Osteopathy Australia titled ‘Advanced Sports Osteopath’ is an osteopath who can demonstrate long-term commitment to sustained practice in treating and managing sports injuries and athletic performance through continued educational obtainment and in clinical practice.

They will possess specific skills in all areas of sporting performance including but not limited to:

  • Skills in biopsychosocial management protocols, self-management strategies and capability improvement programs to support biomechanical requirements in sport.
  • exercise programming to rehabilitate and help reduce the recurrence of sporting injuries,
  • an extensive understanding of pain and performance patterns which preclude sporting participation and/or predispose athletes to injury during play, 
  • and an understanding of all the intrinsic and extrinsic contributors associated with common injuries, with a goal to help maximise performance and minimise the effects of sporting injuries. 

Titled Osteopaths have completed extensive further study and proven work experience in their field and have been independently assessed to meet the required standard.

For a comprehensive list of expected knowledge, capabilities, and skills that an Advanced Sports Osteopath will hold, please see the Quality Practice Framework.

Application Process

Extended Practice Application Process

Recredentialing Process