Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning - Victoria University

A Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning offered by Victoria University provides an industry-first pathway for osteopaths to engage in post-graduate study in sport.

Victoria University, in partnership with Osteopathy Australia has recognised an opportunity for osteopaths to extend their skills and knowledge of sports science, strength and conditioning principles through additional study.

The Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning provides an industry-first pathway for osteopaths to engage in post-graduate study in sport and meet the requirements for Extended or Advanced Practice recognition in Sports Management.

The Osteopathy Australia Advanced Practitioner recognition program is in place to formally recognise the extended skills and knowledge that an osteopath has gained through either additional qualifications and/or proven work experience within a particular focus area.

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate can expect to receive:

  • Post-graduate qualifications
  • Practical experience embedded in elite sport
  • Masterclasses from industry professionals
  • Career and networking opportunities

The coursework is sport agnostic and can be applied to all disciplines and athletic pursuits.

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate, graduates will be eligible for admission to the Master of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) with credit granted for completed units.

Current course entry requirements will now readily recognise osteopathy study and industry experience.

Current entry requirements:

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in a similar discipline
  • Applicants with a minimum five years approved work experience will be considered for admission to this course.

Applicants applying with five years of work experience will need to demonstrate competency in the following foundational skills:

  • Demonstrated ability to program throughout the endurance, hypertrophy, strength and power continuum
  • Programming for a range of different healthy and/or non-healthy individuals from different backgrounds
  • Understanding, assessing, coaching and/or correcting fundamental body weight and resistance training movement mechanics/patterns

Pathway units are available to osteopaths who do not meet the work experience criteria

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